How does it work?

Our fully qualified engineers will visit your premises and service all of your fire extinguishers located around site up to BS 5306-8:2003 standards. If any faults or parts are required, these will be fitted and / or replaced to ensure you remain protected at all times.

Once all of your extinguishers have been serviced to standards, we will issue you with a detailed report along with a list of all of your equipment. With over 20 years experience, we make sure that you're in the best hands and experience minimal disruption.

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BS 5306 And Fire Extinguishers

The current UK fire extinguisher regulations are, in fact, a combination of two different sets of requirements:

1.   The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

2.   BS 5306 Sections 3 And 8

British Standard 5306 concerns “Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises” with two parts dealing with fire extinguishers in particular:

Part 3: Commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers Part 8: Selection and positioning of portable fire extinguishers

BS 5306 Part 3

This deals with how to first commission (set up) new fire extinguishers, and how to maintain them once they are in place. It covers commissioning, basic servicing, the extended service, overhaul procedures and recharges.


Once your new fire extinguisher arrive at your premises, they need to be checked and properly set up, ready for use. If you buy your fire extinguishers direct or online, rather than through a maintenance company, you need to check over the extinguisher to ensure:

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