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Business Mergers and Acquisitions

Operating across Oldham, Manchester, Bolton and more, the team at KW Fire Protection has years of experience providing fire safety equipment and training to businesses and commercial premises.

Not only that, but we’re part of the LS Fire Group that has brought together fire protection services across the country, pooling knowledge and resources as well as allowing growth through acquisition.

If you’re the owner of a fire safety company and are looking to sell or merge your business, LS Fire Group is always looking for new acquisitions and frequently will offer high prices where a healthy return can be made. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch today.

Everything you need to know about the LS Fire Group

Based in Elland, West Yorkshire the team has manufactured fire extinguishers and other types of fire safety equipment since 1933 with the high level of quality, professionalism and dedication to the craft maintained to this day.

As well as guaranteeing products and services that keep people and businesses safe, we hold all the relevant legal and industry-specific certifications that can give you peace of mind that we comply with all necessary regulations. This includes being an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified business and specific fire safety certifications such as BAFE SP101, LPS 1014 and BAFE SP203.

LS Fire Group is the UK section of London Securities plc, an organisation that leads the way in Europe when it comes to fire security services. We serve more than 258,000 clients via our local branches in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg.

Reasons to join the LS Fire Group

  • Access to greater purchasing power and expert support through a large national operator
  • Portable fire extinguishers and fire safety products/equipment supplied direct from our UK-based factory
  • The ability to provide greater product and service depth to your customers that you may not have previously been able to: fire door maintenance and installation, cavity/penetration sealing, other passive fire protection measures, sprinklers and wet/dry riser services
  • Your business will continue to trade under its established name
  • You and your existing employees will have the option to continue working for the business
  • LS Fire Group has the funds available to finance acquisitions, with competitive prices paid for strong performing businesses

What joining the LS Fire Group entails

  • The first stage is to enter into a simple Non Disclosure Agreement, which restricts access to, and the use of, non-public business information
  • An initial, informal meeting is arranged to learn more about your business and confirm both parties wish to progress to the next stage
  • Subsequent meetings will be arranged to gather detailed operational information to allow LS Fire Group to make a competitive offer for your business
  • If/when an offer is accepted, LS Fire Group will conduct necessary due diligence – audit of accounts, etc.
  • If/when due diligence is complete, with both parties satisfied, an acquisition contract is issued and, when agreed, funds released

If you want to join LS Fire Group and be at the forefront of fire safety in the UK and across Europe, then get in touch today. Your customers will receive the highest level of fire safety equipment, training, knowledge and services, helping to keep them safe and allowing you to share our illustrious reputation.

Contact Colin Jackson to find out more about our business mergers and acquisitions.

Colin Jackson: | 07813 456 148

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