Wet Chemical Extinguishers

Protection against fires caused by cooking oils and fats

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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

If you work in a restaurant or kitchen and a fire breaks out, it is important to deal with it in the correct manner. Fires that are caused by cooking oils and fats need a special kind of fire extinguisher to put them out.

KW Fire Protection can supply wet chemical fire extinguishers across Manchester, Bolton, Oldham and beyond with all our products in compliance with BS 5306-8.

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A Class F fire, such as one triggered by cooking oils, requires a wet chemical extinguisher -the only appropriate device to use on this type of blaze. When used, it creates a layer of foam that stifles the fire’s oxygen, preventing it from getting out of hand. It’s important to completely deploy all of the vapour inside the extinguisher to ensure it doesn’t reignite. 

Wet chemical fire extinguishers can also be used on Class A fires which are caused by the burning of wood or paper.  

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Suppliers

Looking to enhance the fire safety of your kitchen, canteen or restaurant? Then we’re here to help.

We’re committed to ensuring your company is protected, and as SP-101-certified suppliers all of our units are: 

  • EN3-7 compliant
  • BSI Kitemarked with our unique KM number
  • recycled at the end of their lifespan

All of our products are made in the UK and as well as providing you with the necessary fire extinguishers, our comprehensive offering includes fire extinguisher installation and maintenance. The fire extinguisher maintenance line we operate is fully compliant with BS 5306-3, meaning you can rest assured you’re in the very best hands.     

To find out more about our range of services and how we can help your business, contact our team.

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